Sacred Debate Circle

Purpose of The Ritual

This is the circle script I (Rev. Gina) used for the gender discrimination discussion at Pantheacon 2011. Crow here has similar functions to the Crow described in Truth or Dare by Starhawk: to take the long view, keep the focus, and see potential problems. However, in this case, the Crow also has the function of holding the space and keeping the boundaries safe so that honest discussion is allowed to take place. In this case, I also helped keep the energy, which was high, at an even keel. This is an ability that I’ve cultivated and practiced heavily over the years, and not something I would recommend for anyone not really used to or up for it. I think in the future it might be better to have one or more additional people to help with this, since afterwords, I was rather wiped and somewhat emotionally spent. I also think that the main Crow person should not leave the room and assign others to be the door keepers instead. I also found myself giving energetic support for those who I felt were really in need of it, moving to either stand behind them or to put a gentle, supportive, hand on their shoulder. The circle itself was kept deliberately permeable to allow for those who were late to be able to come in, and for those who needed to leave early to do so, as necessary.

The Crow starts in the center of the circle for the casting and then sits/stands in the North, unless needed elsewhere in the circle.

Sacred Debate Circle

I am Crow. I will be holding this space as sacred, and call on the all the spirits to aid us:

(Crow moves to the east.)

I call upon the powers of the East
the sword of justice, that cuts away what holds us back
and allows us to fly into the future

(Crow moves to the south.)

I call upon the powers of the South
the bright flower of truth that flourishes in the Sun
the shining light that illuminates and burns brightly in our hearts
giving passion to our will

(Crow moves to the west.)

I call upon the powers of the West
the cup that overflows with power and emotion
the water that cools and cleanses, flowing through all life

(Crow moves to the north.)

I call upon the powers of the North
the dark cave of introspection
the womb that births us and to which we shall return at the end of our lives

(Crow moves to the center.)

I call upon all the gods, goddesses, spirits, and daemons to aid us in this seeking. I ask that they help us to remember to have love, compassion, and respect for each other.

So mote it be.

(Then the rules of the discussion are given, and the discussion begins. At the end of the discussion, I closed the circle by thanking all the gods, goddesses, spirits, and daemons, then thanking the quarters similarly to our regular closing. Neither the opening or ending calls used the pentacle, as we deliberately wanted to keep the circle permeable. We did use “The circle is open, but never broken…” so that we made it clear that the discussion should continue.)