Pantheacon 2018

Pantheacon is the largest indoor pagan convention, and is being held at the DoubleTree San Jose in California, February 16-19, 2018

Official Offerings by OSA Members

Circle of Cerridwen member Diana is giving two workshops:

Building Community Seed Ritual

Friday, 9:00 PM, Silicon Valley 

Building Community: Most of us have never sat and cleaned seed together. It is an intimate yet social time
of laughter, chatter, and storytelling. NO experience needed, we will be work with beans, a wonderful teaching seed! The seeds we clean together will be donated to community gardens, seed banks, and food sovereignty projects. Building Ritual: Even though modern paganism is heavily rooted in agrarian traditions, we retain very little knowledge of theirseed and plant magics. Consequently, most modern seed rituals are heavily appropriated from Indigenous peoples. So together let’s create something entirely new!

Seed Saving 101

Saturday, 3:30 PM, San Simeon

One of the most important parts of food sovereignty is knowing how to save your own seed year after year, instead of having to buy new seed or starts every season. It also intimately connects us to our food system as we learn the life cycle of the food we eat. We’ll cover the basics of seed saving from common foods while learning about food history, agricultural heritage, plant reproduction, pollinators, genetics, and more.

Hospitality Suite, Room 966

The Circle of Cerridwen is pleased, once again, to host a Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon! We are intentionally radically inclusive and welcome all persons of any race, color, age, ancestry, sexual or relationship orientation, body size, gender, religion, or any other difference to all of our events. We will have snacks (gluten/nut free choices available), drinks, games, workshops, and discussions all in a chill and relaxing atmosphere. Our suite is also drug and alcohol free in order to have a safer space for those in recovery.

The Circle of Cerridwen suite, Room 966, will be open Friday through Sunday from 1:30 PM to approximately 1:00 AM. For suite schedule and other information: follow us on Twitter @st4rdotorg, email us at, or keep checking here for the latest information.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the suite if they are being excessively disruptive, causing unnecessary drama, are excessively intoxicated, or engaging in harassment of any kind. This type of behaviour by ANYONE will NOT be tolerated. If you feel you are being harassed (sexually, ideologically, etc), please talk to an OSA member, and we will help you, including reporting to local authorities.

Spirit Babies Altar (for anyone of any gender who has been affected by pregnancy loss)

The Spirit Babies altar will be up all weekend in the suite. You are welcome to stop by any time the suite is open for prayer and to leave notes or other gifts to your spirit babies on the altar. Anything left on the altar will be planted in a devotional garden


1:30 PM – Suite opens for all.

5:00 – 7:00 PM – Transgender/Non-Binary Meet and Greet with Sarah and Oak – Calling all transgender and non-binary Pagans! Bring your dinner and your friends to come hang out, talk, and connect with new friends, old friends, and allies!

7:00 – 8:30 PM- Bacon Pentacle with Sarah – It’s baaaaack! Bacon is the most sublime food known. It is, in essence, a microcosm of human experience, a culinary embodiment of the Hermetic principle: as above, so below. Here we present a meditation on bacon’s five logical constituents: taste, smell, salt, grease and crunch, by which true seekers may align themselves with the universe… (Bacon will be provided!)

9:00 -10:30 PM – The Return of (Naked?) Qabalistic Twister – Left foot Malkuth, right hand Kether… come join the Circle of Cerridwen for some irreverent fun at the magickal Qabalah’s expense.

12:00 AM – Close – Late Night Stitch and Bitch with Gina – Bring your crochet, knitting, spinning, beading, and other crafts and hang out with your fellow crafty Night Owls!


1:30 PM – Suite opens for all.

1:30 – 3:00 PM – Raye’s Saffron Tea – Raye will be offering a limited service of Moroccan-influenced saffron tea. Since space is limited, doors will close once we reach capacity.

7:00 – 8:30 PM – Closed for the Handfasting of Sam and Jacob (Suite will reopen for the party!)

9:00 – 10:30 PM – Blasphemous Biscuits with Calyxa – Summon a demon into a triangle of art and ingest the invoked principles.

12:00 AM – Close – Late Night Stitch and Bitch with Gina – Bring your crochet, knitting, spinning, beading, and other crafts and hang out with your fellow crafty Night Owls!


1:30 PM – Suite opens for all.

1:30 – 3:00 PM – Helping each other grieve: creating community rituals with Antinoë Magdalene and Nisaa – Grieving by yourself can be isolating. In community, we can support each other. Whether you’re grieving beloved dead, the end of a relationship, or a stage of life. Tips on how to create your own ritual from logistics to spiritual readings. Solitary practitioners who need to grieve by themselves & in community are especially welcome.

3:30 – 5:00 PM – Creating Sustainable Language Around Gender with Lee -As we move more and more away from the social narrative of a binary system of gender, how we see and communicate with people of all gender identities is important in creating spaciousness for all to truly be themselves. This workshop will look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re moving in the creation of inclusive and sustainable language where people of all gender identities can be heard.

9:00 – 10:30 PM – The Many Faced Oracle with Gina – Gina, who has been doing oracle work for nearly 20 years, will be available for consultation with the Spirits. She will start by aspecting one of her patron deities and go from there. The doors will closed for this ritual due to the possibility of personal topics being discussed.

12:00 AM – Close – Late Night Stitch and Bitch with Gina – Bring your crochet, knitting, spinning, beading, and other crafts and hang out with your fellow crafty Night Owls!


11:00 AM – Close of Con – The Last Hurrah – Come for some last minute socializing and to help eat up some of the left over snacks!