Pantheacon 2017

The Circle of Cerridwen is pleased, once again, to host a Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon in Room 966! We will have snacks (gluten/nut free choices available), drinks, games, workshops, and discussions all in a chill and relaxing atmosphere. The suite will be open Friday through Sunday from 1:30 PM to approximately 1:00 AM. Watch this space for the schedule and descriptions of all the events we’ll be hosting! (Please note that the schedule is subject to change any time between now and before an event starts!)

We are intentionally radically inclusive and welcome all persons of any race, color, age, ancestry, sexual or relationship orientation, body size, gender, religion, or any other difference to all of our events. Our suite is also drug and alcohol free in order to have a safer space for those in recovery. We are committed to making our suite a safer space for everyone, and we reserve the right to ask people to leave the suite if we deem their behavior disruptive, abusive, or violating boundaries.

Hope to see you there!


5:00 – 7:00 PM: Drumming Workshop with Don Schulz of The Different Drum — Don is hosting his Drum Making Playshop in our suite at PantheaCon 2017 the evening before the Con officially opens. Pre-registration is required due to materials. See their Facebook event page for more information.

Suite closes at 8 PM for set up and Circle of Cerridwen business meeting.


Suite opens at 1 PM

7:00 PM: (Naked?) Qabalistic Twister — Left foot Malkuth, right hand Kether… come join the Circle of Cerridwen for some irreverent fun at the magickal Qabalah’s expense. (Free spinners to the first folks to arrive!)

9:00 PM: Bacon Pentacle Ritual with Sarah — Bacon is the most sublime food known. It is, in essence, a microcosm of human experience, a culinary embodiment of the Hermetic principle: as above, so below. Here we present a meditation on bacon’s five logical constituents: taste, smell, salt, grease and crunch, by which true seekers may align themselves with the universe… (Bacon will be provided!)

Suite closes approximately 1 AM


Suite opens at 1 PM

1:30 PM: Nature is For All: Ecotherapy and Accessibility with Lupa Greenwolf — Ecotherapy, wilderness therapy and other attempts to reconnect people with the healing powers of nature are on the rise, but often exclude people who cannot participate due to finances, location, ability or other concerns. How can counselors, spiritual leaders, wilderness guides and others make these reconnection efforts more accessible? See their Facebook event page for more information.

3:30 PM: Living with the Chinese Five Elements with NisaaNisaa spent the past year as a student in an alchemical healing mentorship (aka Five Element Hogwarts) living with the Chinese Five Elements. She’ll discuss her experiences as both a Healer, Witch, and Photographer and how this has affected all aspects of her life.

7:00 PM: Youth and Young Adult Radical Inclusion Discussion with Sam, Fenn, and Kris –What does radical inclusion mean to the youth and young adults of the Pagan community? The Circle of Cerridwen’s youngest members, Fenn, Kris, and Sam are hosting a roundtable discussion about just that. We will explore what radical inclusion is, where we can find it, and how to embody it as young people in today’s world. This discussion is for those ages 16-35, though older members of the community are more than welcome to come and listen to what our young people have to say.

Suite closes at 11:30 PM for private ritual.


Suite opens at 1 PM

1:30 PM: Zoroaster’s Telescope with CalyxaZoroaster’s Telescope is a divinatory system created in the late 1700s by André-Robert Andrea de Nerciat. A collection of 112 hexagonal tokens referred to as “the Urn” represent principles, intelligences and numerals ruled by the angels of the 28 Mansions of the Moon. A subset of tokens drawn from the Urn are arranged into the form of the Great Mirror and interpreted astrologically and chronologically.

3:30 PM: 0=0 in the Paper Temple with CalyxaThe Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn have distilled the essence of the Golden Dawn 0=0 Hall of the Neophytes ritual into a system we call the Paper Temple. With our deck of two dozen cards and a script of highly specified ways of ritualistically moving these cards around a table, a single practitioner can perform a complete 0=0 self-initiation in microcosm.

11:00 PM: Deity Oracle with Gina — Have questions for deities that you would like answered (or as much answer as deities are wont to give)? Gina, who has been doing oracle work for 17 years, will begin by channeling Ereshkigal, but may end up channeling other deities that show up. Come ask your questions and maybe get an answer, or at least something to work with!

Suite closes approximately 1 AM