Work, Insights, Beads, and Magick

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about myself and there’s just been so much going on with me, it sometimes feels like I have no idea what to write about.

Or, there are things I’d write about, but they’re too personal.

This week is reading week, however, and I have a little bit of time to write between a take-home midterm exam, a 10-12 page paper about sex magick and Christianity, and many things that need to be read.

School is going well. It’s very busy, and I’ve had to really make sure that I keep doing my magick and spiritual practice. It’s been a couple of weeks or so since I made my prayer beads, which really came out of a moment in one of my classes where I felt like the capital “P” pagan. But the biggest realization is that I hadn’t done devotional work in a very long time, and I really needed it. Funny enough, getting devotional work together has also pulled more magick work into my life, and doing more magickal work with Sarah, which is a very good thing.

I’m finding, magickally, that I’m working with new techniques, especially in regards to divination. I made a black mirror awhile back, and that seems to work better for me these days than tarot. I think that it’s because I have a tendency to see things visually. In fact, visions and dreams for me show like a movie, a cross between the 2D and 3D that movies are. The mirror makes a great focus, being kind of like a “screen” my mind can use. I don’t think I’ll totally abandon tarot, but I think I’ll use a mix of both for the moment.

I’m looking forward to our Samhain ritual on Friday. If you want to come, let us know! One of our coven mates and I have created a really interesting ritual that I think will be very powerful. This is my, well, not necessarily favorite holiday, but definitely the holiday I hold the most sacred out of the wheel.

Tomorrow I head to SF to work with friends on a special ritual that I hope will bring healing for those who it’s for. I feel very honored to be asked to help in this. I know I’ll be learning a lot, too, but I think learning experiences are better when they actually lead to something that will bring so much to people.

I have a group of friends at school who I do mutual ministry with, and besides the work we do for each other, I think we are an amazing team. We have some really neat ideas on things to do in regards to interfaith work, and I hope we’ll be able to fulfill our visions.

Don’t let anyone tell you different: seminary is spiritual boot camp. There are some days after classes where I just fall over from the brain power and spiritual insight! (I nap a lot these days, especially Tuesdays.)

I’m also taking care of some health stuff. Went to a new PCP today, and, because I’m tired of dealing with weight-focused doctors, I took a letter stating: 1) that I practice Health At Every Size, 2) that unless it’s my annual physical or absolutely medically necessary, I don’t want to be weighed every visit, and 3) that my doctors do not use weight-loss or weight-loss surgery as an initial diagnosis. Not only did the new doc seem excited that I wrote the letter (with HAES info attached), she actually said that BMI and dieting is bullshit before I even said it myself. (She also liked my hair, and said that the only reason she didn’t have her purple hair now was because of work. I told her about some of the red dyes that I’ve used.) The best thing is that, with the prescriptions she gave me, she said that I only need to take them as symptoms persist, that I could decide when that was.

I can totally work with her. (If you have Kaiser and want her info, email me.)

Sarah’s been really studying up on movie stuff, and I keep being her idea person, more or less. (Well, ok, the steampunk movie was more of a want than an idea giving, but, still, it’s steampunk!) I told her a few weeks ago about a book we were reading in my Gender and Sexuality class called “Immodest Acts” and like me, she found the story pretty compelling. Now it’s becoming a movie idea with the script percolating in her head. It’s always fun to watch her thinking about these kind of things, especially since she usually comes up with something really cool.

I’m also in love with the Cupertino Public Library. Very Silicon Valley, but very nicely done! And self-checkout for books! Tables with plugs built in! Woot! Oh, and it has a Coffee Society cafe too! I think I’ll be going there more to study when I’m home.

I’m also getting addicted to beading, mostly for the purpose of making magickal jewelry and prayer beads (As I showed you all in a previous post.) I’m making prayer beads for my little ministerial group. I re-did my guardian bracelet with different beads (chinese red marble). And I’ll be making some Christmas/Yule gifts, too. I’m also digging making bits with silver clay, and considering it’s much easier to fire stuff, it’s much easier than regular clay. I miss doing regular clay stuff, but this works quite nicely so far to fill that art gap.

Ok, time for me to go to bed. It’s going to be a busy week, even though I technically have this week off. (It ain’t called “Reading Week” for nothin’.)