Want to be on TWIH? Quarterly Call for Interviews

Are you a progressive person of faith, no faith, or more than one faith tradition? Are you queer, gender queer, gender variant, transgender, pangender, polyamorous, asexual, or something other? Do you do activism that some would consider out of the box or weird? Do you have an interesting story to tell?

If any of these questions apply to you, I’d be interested in interviewing you! This is my quarterly call for people to interview. If you want to be interviewed, click here. If you know someone who you think I should interview, have them check out the interview guidelines and either introduce us to each other over email, or have them email me.

I’m particularly interested in (since I haven’t covered these topics yet): those who are in recovery (particularly pagans in 12-step or people in alternate recovery models), atheists, pagan atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, people practicing Hindu traditions, people in politics (politicians, people who hold elected office, lobbyists, activists), progressive activists in typically conservative religious traditions, members of religious orders, people who are doing activism around race, class, and other issues. This isn’t a definitive list, and I am very open to all topics that fit the scope of This Week In Heresy!

Thanks, and hope you all had a great Easter season!

Rev. Gina

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