W.O.G.D. Knowledge Deck One

Announcing the W.O.G.D. Flashing Flashcards Deck

We are proud to announce the first in a series of decks of cards, the Flashing Flashcards, are now available through thegamecrafter.com! Two very important founding principles of the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn are the basis of the two halves of this first “Knowledge Deck.”

The first of these principles is that not everyone’s learning style is suited to memorizing lists of information. Different learning styles require different teaching methods. The graphical and tactile presentation of the Hebrew alphabet half of the deck goes beyond a simple list of correspondences, with quadrants of information and a carefully designed “mnemonic mask” card, allowing the Aspirant to explore this information in a non-linear fashion.

The second principle is that we hold no information as being “above one’s grade.” Where the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn reserved meditation and study of the tattwas, Hindu elemental symbolic talismans, for members of higher grades, we encourage Aspirants of all levels to engage with these surprisingly accessible symbols.

As of now, there are no immediate plans for subsequent Knowledge Decks, but we do have some ideas and concepts brewing. Our more immediate plans will be more clearly explained in the upcoming announcement of the launch of our “Paper Temple” series of decks due out within the week.

The Flashing Flashcards and the “Paper Temple” series all use the same card form factor and back design. The intent is that one could shuffle the decks together and use this vast pool of Golden Dawn symbolism for divination. Alternately, one could pick and choose between the decks to build a pack tailored to a specific subject matter.

For more information about this first Knowledge Deck, please visit our Flashing Flashcards informational page. Photographs of some of the cards, and specifically detailed photographs of the “mnemonic mask” card can be found on the Flashing Flashcards store page at thegamecrafter.com.