Valentine’s and Saint Valentine’s Days

It’s me: the Idiot before G0D with a rant about the monetization of holy days!

It’s the 14th of February: a day which might be Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, depending on your point of view. Really, they are two very different events which take place on the same day.

According to Wikipedia, Valentine of Rome (link opens in a new tab) is the patron saint of various things, including courtly love and marriage. Let me say type that again: he is the patron saint of courtly love and marriage. We must remember he was a Roman Catholic clergyman. This means the lust and sex associated with him would be within the confines of heterosexual marriage, which could be a result of courtly love. This would be for the Feast day, the Holy Day, of St. Valentine’s Day.

What is more commonly celebrated here in the United States is Valentine’s Day, without the emphasis on the Saint. This is a day of cards, flowers, cherubs with archery equipment, candy, romantic love, and unbridled sexuality. This is completely valid, albeit very capitalistic.

What burns my onions about this is it’s another ostensibly Christian holiday, Holy Day, that has been found to be profitable for the mass market. It’s interesting to me that those profiting by turning this religious holy day into a minor spending orgy don’t ever mention February 14 was the day Valentine of Rome was executed.

It’s endlessly fascinating to me which religious holy days will be sanitized of their religiousness and secularized for profit.