USA PSA: Check your voter registration status!

If you are in the US and have not yet voted in a primary election, DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION!

If you’ve already received a ballot or guide, double-check that it is for the correct party, and that you have been given the correct voting options for the party you chose!

If there is any doubt, REGISTER AGAIN!

If you are in CA, you must be registered for the proper party by MONDAY, MAY 23RD, in order to vote in the June primary!

This is wrong.

In CA, No Party Preference voters ARE allowed to vote in the primaries of several parties!

I received a text message from the volunteers of the Bernie Sanders campaign. At first, I was a little irritated. I like Bernie, and I’m likely to vote for him in the primary, but I don’t recall giving permission for random strangers to act like they know me in text messages.

This one was a reminder that the deadline for registering as Democrat or No Party Preference in time for the California primary is coming up. I sent back that I was already registered Dem – had been for years.

Then it occurred to me, they might know something I don’t.

“Do your records say otherwise??”

“Our records indicate that you are registered with a different party.”

What the hell?

I already had my ballot, having switched to always-mail-in when I changed my address recently. So I got my ballot out, and looked all over. My options for the presidential primary were totally unfamiliar to me. Finally I realized the party label was across the top: GREEN.

Now, at first I thought “Crap. OK, I guess they must have somehow lost the record of me switching from Green to Democrat before Obama was elected. Maybe when I changed my address and ballot preference more recently? Weird.” I dutifully re-registered Democrat, and resigned myself to voting in-person on election day.

Then my friends started reporting in, “This is happening. Voter purges. Mostly democrats. Mostly open or likely Bernie supporters.”

I warned my households “Check your ballots! Make sure they’re for the right thing!”

Dany discovered she’s listed as No Party Preference, when she’s only ever registered Democrat. Moreover, her mail-in ballot says that as NPP she was NOT given the listings for the Democratic primary, despite the voter guide and all other rules explicitly stating that NPP’s CAN vote in the Democratic primary (I don’t know about the others.)

So this is my warning to everyone who reads my blog or other social media, because this is the fastest way I can get the details out to you all: If you are voting in an up-coming primary, double-check that you are not only registered, but that you are registered correctly, and that the ballot you are given has the correct choices on it for how you are registered.