Update: Circle of Cerridwen/st4r.org Suite Schedule! @pantheacon #pcon #pantheacon

Packing, planning, and scheming is in full swing here at st4r.org HQ, and I’m sure that many of you are also in the midst of your own Pantheacon packing. And, or course, because life is like that, there are few last minute additions to our suite schedule:

• Suite opens at 4 PM
• Enochian Chess Congress — all evening unless ritual in progress
• Patheos Authors Meet and Greet – 7 PM
• st4r.org Official Launch Party – 9 PM
• Doors close around 1am

• Suite opens at 4pm
• Enochian Chess Congress
• Adding the Chinese 5 Elements to Ritual – 7 PM
• Handfasting of CoC Members Anne and Connie – 9:30 PM
• Private Ritual – 12 AM (Suite to remain closed until Sunday.)

• Suite opens at 4 PM
• Enochian Chess Congress
• Spirit Babies Ritual (See http://spiritbabies.org) – 7 PM
• Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn 3=8 Ritual – 9 PM
• Doors close around around 1 am

We’re all really excited to see everyone and we hope you can stop by! 🙂

Rev. Gina and the Circle of Cerridwen