Until It Sleeps

A Hymn for the Psychotic

A purple Gnostic Cross, outlined in gold on a pink field within a blue frame.

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I didn’t log on for my church‘s Zoom worship today. I was kind of planning on it, especially after the failed coup here in the U$A on Wednesday. I try to avoid doomscrolling and try to go hopequesting instead. But that’s been more and more difficult this week.

So instead of logging on for church, I grabbed my Bluetooth speaker and went for a walk in the nearby park, listening to my Rock of Sages playlist. One of the songs in this list is Until it Sleeps by Metallica.

I’ve always considered this a rock psalm, a plainclothes hymn. Today, it really felt like a cry from a psychotic person (yours truly) to their god(s) or Higher Power for help. With the music blaring from the speaker hanging on my chest, I sang along, totally immersed in the words.

I don’t know if this was the intention when Metallica wrote this song, but that’s what it means to me.

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