TWIH’s 2nd Anniversary and Summer Hiatus

This month marks the 2nd anniversary of This Week In Heresy. It’s been pretty amazing to see where the podcast has gone since I started it. I’ve been able to interview many amazing people over the last couple of years and get to bring many diverse progressive voices to the podcast realm.

But it takes a good deal of work to produce a weekly podcast. Every episode takes 3-4 hours of work just to record and edit, let alone the work to find and schedule interviews. While I still want to keep doing This Week In Heresy, I realized recently that I need to take a hiatus to refresh and re-evaluate what I want to do with TWIH and it’s format. I’m also working on a book that I’d like to publish by the end of the year, and I have a couple of other big projects on the back burner that I really want to move to the front of the queue.

That being said, TWIH will be on hiatus for July and August. I have three interviews in the hopper that will be released to round out this month which I think you’ll really enjoy. I’ll still be looking for interviews during July and August, so if you have suggestions, still feel free to contact me about them. I hope to come back in September with more interviews and hopefully some new directions for This Week In Heresy.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported This Week In Heresy over the last two years! Your support has meant a lot to me. I’d like to especially thank my wife, Sarah, for all of her support and technical help since the beginning. She has always believed in this work, and it was her encouragement, love, and support that has made this podcast possible.

Thank you all, and I’ll see you in September!

Rev. Gina

PS: I also hope to do some more photo shoots with my wife. Here’s the first one we did of Ereshkigal:


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