TWIH Episode 72: Honoring Death with Robin Griffith

Robin Lynn Griffith joins me in this episode to talk about death and dying. Both of us are called to minister to the dying and while, for the two of us, this is a normal process, for most people in our culture, death is something you just don’t talk about. Why does our society tend to try and banish the idea of death? Why are we so afraid of something that is inevitable? Are we doing a disservice if we don’t allow someone to really grieve in their own way or telling people to just “get over” their grief? When does one’s grief need more professional help? Should we be talking a lot more about end of life issues than we currently do?

Robin Lynn Griffith is a Spiritual Woman, a Clergywoman, a Fire Dancer, A Priestess of Queen Isis, an Herbalist, and a Grandmother.  Robin’s personal, spiritual, and professional experiences provide for her to be a conscious, aware, and mindful End of Life Midwife or Doula. 

Robin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and has been active in her local Spiritual and Religious Communities for well over 18 years. She has a vast network of community and many valuable resources at her fingertips.

As a Spiritual woman, and a successful Coach, she has supported individuals, family, and friends as they find themselves facing sacred moments in a person’s earth journey.
Leveraging song, stories, simple Presence, honorable rituals, and intimate connection Robin hopes to provide her clients with openings for Love, Peace, Empowerment, Release, and Forgiveness. 




Kaiser Santa Clara Volunteer Services (To inquire about No One Dies Alone)

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