TWIH Episode 7: The Multi-Faith Family with Rev. Beth Parab

This week’s guest is Rev. Beth Parab (who I call Pastor Beth), an Episcopal priest, whose spouse is Hindu. We talk about being in a multi-faith family, teaching children, and practicing, more than one faith path, and the evolution of religion in a 21st century world.

Rev. Beth Parab is the Assistant Rector at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church in Cupertino. She received her MDiv. from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2001 and has served in 5 Episcopal Churches since being ordained that same year. Beth has been married to her husband, Sameer, since 2005. He is a practicing Hindu. Together, they are raising their two daughters, Anoushka (Ani), 7, and Sachi, 5, in both religions. Beth is committed to social justice activism, particularly speaking out on LGBT rights and feminism. Her dream is to open a meta faith center that invites everyone to explore multiple faith traditions in one safe space.


St. Jude’s Episcopal Church (Cupertino, CA):

Rev. Beth’s email:

Running time: 49 Min

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