TWIH Episode 6: Two Witchy Heretics with Devin Hunter

This week’s guest is Devin Hunter, host of the Modern Witch Podcast. In this episode, we, two witchy heretics, talk about evolutions in the greater Pagan community. We start with gender issues, then move on to pagan and witchcraft theology, the evolution of the Pagan community, and how the arguments we have online may not be the problems that really matter in the long run.

Devin Hunter is a spiritual medium and has been professionally sharing messages from the other-side, angels, and Goddess for ten years. He is currently the house-medium at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, CA where he regularly sees clients, teaches classes and holds healing and empowerment rituals. He is a noted host and advisor, receiving a nod from the AV Club as one of the top podcast hosts on the internet for his work. In addition to his work spreading messages of empowerment and compassion, Devin is also an internationally recognized spiritual teacher helping others connect to and hone-in on their own spiritual gifts.


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Running time: 53 minutes.

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