TWIH Episode 49: Queering the Conversation and Planting Seeds with Monica Joy Cross #blacklivesmatter #transvisibility

Monica Joy Cross joins us in this episode to talk about her experiences as a transgender Person of Color in a primarily white denomination. What do we need to do to have the conversation about race in our society? Do we need a more radical solution? How do we, both black and white, see beyond our personal experiences to see the systems that keep us in this cycle of mutual destruction and create change? How do we create the Kingdom of God in us to create the Kingdom of God around us?


Monica Joy Cross is a Transgender Scholar-Activist who serves as an Associate Minister at Tapestry Ministries, Disciples of Christ, Christian Church in Berkeley, Ca.  Monica received a Masters in Divinity from Pacific School of Religion in 2012 and a Masters in Religious Leadership for Social Change from Starr King School for the Ministry in 2014.  Her Journey with the Holy has led her from the citadels of conservatism to the liberal bastions of enlightenment and queer realities.  Monica is a Board Member of The Community Collaborative Planning Council of Alameda and Contra-Costa County for policy and allocation of funding in the San Francisco Bay Area around HIV/AIDS; the Founder of Global Prayer Network and a Different Imagination for a Just and Sustainable Humanity; has authored: Reflections of a Prophet Without Honor – a book of reflections which emerge from her life with God; Authenticity and Imagination in the Face of Oppression – Autobiographical, it addresses gender , race, religion, sexuality, and strategies towards liberation due to be released in September 2015; and has a Blog entitled: The Transgender Scholar.   While being a native of Southern California Rev. Monica Cross currently makes her home in Richmond, California. 




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