TWIH Episode 45: The Many Faces of Spirit with Yeshe Rabbit

What does it mean to be a multi-faith person in a world where most people except you to be one thing or another? In this episode, Yeshe Rabbit and I discuss her personal multi-faith work and her own evolution of spirit. We also talk about how we are in the midst of change and how our religious traditions are evolving. How do we maintain respect for each other and for all human beings? How do we discuss these topics online without beating each other up online?


Yeshe Rabbit is a holy woman, devotee of the Goddess, and lover of life, a shamanic practitioner, witch, tantrika, and student of the dharma, a seer, a healer, and a priestess. When asked about her spiritual path, She describes it as “Graeco-Tibetan Tantric Nomad Alchemist,” and she’s not actually joking. She sings, chants, drums, performs rituals, meditates, brews potions, makes pilgrimages, & travels all over the world for work, spiritual study and growth. Mother Earth is her home. She is also a founder of CAYA Coven in the SF Bay Area.



Way of the Rabbit 

The Sacred Well 

Tea and Chanting Sangha 

Dharma Pagan 

Temple of Aphrodite 


CAYA Coven 

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