TWIH Episode 4: Bible Translation: [Citation Needed] with Rev. Philip Tanner

(Apologies for this episode being late! Life got in the way!)

This week see the return of The Greek Geek, Philip Tanner! In this episode, we talk about the Bible and the problems with translation, context, and why we can never have an “unbiased” translation.

Rev. Philip Tanner, M.Div, M.Ed., also known as The Greek Geek, is a set of apparent contradictions. Philip is strongly influenced by both smells-and-bells Anglicanism and holy-roller Pentecostalism. He is a born-again Christian and an unwavering Christian Socialist who believes in same-sex marriage as part of his Christian family values. Philip embraces Liberation Theology and views Jesus as the perfect Liberation Theologian. Philip prays well with others and gladly associates with any faith tradition that embodies liberation theology and true restorative justice, whether Christian or not.


Pastor Melissa Scott:

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On Translation by Jin Di and Eugene A. Nida (Amazon)

Note about book links: I’ve posted the Amazon links here, but I do encourage you to buy from local booksellers if you are able to do so. I do recognize, however, that for some folks Amazon is their only option.

Running time: 42 min

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