TWIH Episode 38: The Music of Growth with Lauren Renee Hotchkiss #transdayofvisibility

In this episode we’re joined by Lauren Renee Hotchkiss, seminarian and musician, to talk about the role of music in spiritual practice, both Christian and Pagan. How does music touch our hearts? What music touches our spirit, and how can music help us through the difficult times? We also talk about activism, including the recent Bay Area protests for #blacklivesmatter, and about how both in the Pagan and Christian community we have our extremists. 

Lauren Renée Hotchkiss is a Christo-Pagan musician, writer, and seminary student who attends the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She has played all around the Bay Area, and is currently playing in the band at Grace North Church in Berkeley for Sunday services and monthly labyrinth services, and in Chapel and Taize services at The Pacific School of Religion. She also plays regularly in the Taize services at Newman Hall, Berkeley, and the Metropolitan Community Church in San Francisco. As a Pagan, she is an experienced priestess, cantor and musician who has worked with the various covens and circles of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, as well as with OBOD and North Bay Reclaiming. 




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