TWIH Episode 31: Radical Sisterhood with Sister Krissy Fiction (@Pantheacon #pcon #pantheacon)

In this bonus TWIH episode, we welcome Sister Krissy Fiction, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence from Portland, OR. We talk about what it takes to be a Sister, what the sisters do, and how Sister Krissy Fiction came to be. We also delve into gender non-conformance, theology, and how the pagan community is evolving. 

This is second in a series of interviews that coincide with Pantheacon.

Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed, is a Gnostic, Pagan, drag clown nun.  In the past she has been a minister in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church and in the United Church of Christ.   These days she is a practicing Gnostic, a devotee of Antinous and a member of an Alexandrian Witchcraft coven. She has been  a fully professed member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for 8 years and is the Prioress of the Order of Benevolent Bliss in Portland, OR.



Sister Krissy’s Facebook


Twitter: @sisterkrissy


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence:

Circle of Cerridwen’s Account of their Gender Activism


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