TWIH Episode 1: Metafaith and the Vicar’s Wife with Sarah Thompson

My first in-studio guest is my wife, Sarah Thompson. She’s a for-reals rocket scientist, 3rd Degree priest and co-founder of the Circle of Cerridwen, and co-founder of the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn. She just started writing a column for the Patheos Pagan Channel called “Queer of Swords.” In this episode we talk about her column and about the concept of metafaith. (There’s even a wedding and a cat!)


Circle of Cerridwen:

Patheos Pagan Channel:

City of Refuge, UCC:

Sarah’s (unpublished) book on metafaith:

Sarah’s Article on the Patheos Pagan Channel:

Mage of Machines (Sarah’s musical alter ego):

Running time: 37 min

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