Thou Art God; Believe In Yourselves

I’ve got depression, anxiety, and am mildly psychotic. I know believing in oneself can be a lot easier said than done.

I’m part of a lunchtime discussion group at work. This most recent time, we were talking about alien life. One person said technological advancements were pretty much stagnant until after the UFO crashed at Roswell, Arizona. She went on to say Area 51 was where the US government and military was reverse-engineering the extraterrestrial tech from the Roswell crash. She also said the massive mycelium networks were alien communication biotech.

Another in the group said the Ancient Romans had concrete and it would be centuries later before humans had concrete again. He didn’t come out and directly say it was extraterrestrials who gave the Romans concrete and then gave it to humanity again later, but he seemed to imply that.

Why are so many people so convinced that humans can’t and didn’t do great things on their/our own? Why do so many people have so much contempt for human abilities?

Early in my Pagan experience, I became acquainted with the response, “Thou art god.” I’ve always loved that phrase, as it really recognizes the spiritual in us. And if I am thou to thou, then we art god.

We humans are indeed capable of great things. Those great things might differ from person to person. Some excel at mathematics. Some are capable of tremendous love. Some are masters of their arts. Some are great listeners and huggers. These things are all great. Not all of us need to be master engineers.

Thou art god; believe in yourselves. We art god; believe in ourselves.

Be blessed.