This weekend at #PantheaCon: Cartomancers Show and Tell, Crossroads of Memory, Spirit Babies, and the Kuan Yin Oracle

These are the presentations I’ll be involved with at Pantheacon this coming weekend.

On Saturday February 13th at 7pm in the Circle of Cerridwen Suite Room 966: Cartomancers Show and Tell, hosted by Calyxa Omphalos and myself. Calyxa is the author of the Elemental Hexagons Divination Cards and WOGD Flashing Flash card decks. She also facilitated the Oracle Deck CoCreation rituals which were made with many other artists previous PantheaCons in 2013 & 2014. I designed the Kuan Yin Oracle deck. Bring your favorite divination decks and show them off!

Be sure to catch Mage of Machine’s Crossroads of Memory trance dance ritual on Saturday at 11pm! It’s a joint project between Circle of Cerridwen, CAYA Coven, and drummers from Spark Collective.

On Sunday February 14th from 1:30-3pm also in the Circle of Cerridwen Suite: Daily Quiet Prayer time for Spirit Babies with Gina Pond and myself. This prayer time will be dedicated to Spirit Babies for anyone of any gender who has been affected by pregnancy loss. The Spirit Babies altar will be up all weekend as the West altar in the suite. You are welcome to stop by any time the suite is open for prayer and to leave notes or other gifts to your spirit babies on the altar. Anything left on the altar will be planted in a devotional garden. See for more information.

Also on Sunday at 7pm in the Boardroom: The Kuan Yin Oracle. Come learn the history and variations of this centuries-old system of divination dedicated to and inspired by the Bodhisattva of Compassion. We will also do a group divination!

For the list of other presentations by Circle of Cerridwen members, please see our schedule. See you there!