The TWIH Top 10 Epidodes: February 2016

My wife thought it’d be a good idea to periodically post my top ten episodes so that if you’re stuck on where to start with my back catalog, you can check these out first.

So, my top 10 by my Libsyn download stats (number of downloads in parenthesis):

10: Episode 33: Does God Hate Shrimp? with Joe Decker (180)
9: Episode 61: Women of the Wall with Rachel Cohen Yeshurun (182)
8: Episode 50: Druidry, Science, and Spirituality with Dr. Brenden Howlin (183)
7: Episode 11: The Gotcha Verses (Part 1) with Rev. Philip Tanner (211)
6: Episode 64: Tradition, Secrecy, and the Life of a Public Witch with Storm Faerywolf (219)
5: Episode 37: Hope and the Old Catholic Church with Diane Miles (222)
4: Episode 29: The Evolution of Progressive Witchcraft with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (234)
3: Episode 47: Magick, Art, and Tangents with Billy Brujo (235)
2: Episode 15: The Magick of Life and Death in the Feri Tradition with Valerie Walker (aka VeeDub) (378)

and my Number 1 downloaded episode is: Episode 46: The Five-Fold Goddess with Lasara Firefox Allen (448!)

Thank you all for promoting your episodes and being on the show! And thank you to all my listeners!

Happy listening! 🙂

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