The Kinda-Quarterly Call for Interviews and Patreon Support!

It’s once again time for my sorta kinda quarterly call for interviews! If you are interested in being interviewed, or know someone who you think I should interview for This Week In Heresy, please let me know.

To get an idea of what I’m looking for, click here. On my wishlist of people I would really would like to interview are (but definitely NOT limited to): LGBTQIA people involved in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and other faith paths; multi-faith people with practices other than Wicca and Christianity; people who are members of the Quakers, BaHai, Humanist, etc; anyone working in the #blacklivesmatter movement; clergy working in the #blacklivesmatter movement; Latino/a or Hispanic theologians/clergy; atheists; politicians who would like to speak to a spiritual audience; indigenous people who would like to talk about Thanksgiving and other issues; women who would like to talk about abortion and healthcare issues…

Basically, anyone of a progressive and spiritual bent who would like to speak to a multi-faith/interfaith audience.

Again, click here for more information, or contact me with any questions you might have. Feel free to share this on all the social medias!

I’d also like to ask that if you have some cash to spare, please consider pledging on my Patreon page. What you might not know is that, all told, each podcast takes approximately 5-6 hours of work from concept to promotion. I don’t receive any money or sponsorships at the moment to do this podcast, nor do I really want to fill up my website with Google ads that will annoy people. So, if you are willing and able, head over to Patreon and help me continue to make this podcast. If you can’t support me financially, your retweets, reblogs, shares on Facebook, reposts, etc. are just as important. The more the word gets out about TWIH, the more people can hear the stories that make up this podcast.

Regardless of how you support me, I do thank you for the support! I plan on doing these podcasts as long as I am able to because I think these stories are important for everyone to hear!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Rev. Gina

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