The Heretic Writes: We as Beings

11 dead in the Charlie Hebdo shooting.
2000 killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.
Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other African Americans killed by police violence.
Two police officers gunned down in NYC.
50 Mosque attacks in France.
ISIL hacks websites and promises more killing.
Westboro Baptist Church protests the funerals of dead soldiers.
The NYPD turn their backs on a mayor who spoke truth about a broken system.
A man gets arrested for feeding the homeless in his town.
Russia passes a law banning transgender people from obtaining driver’s licenses.
Bomb blast hits Tripoli, Lebanon.
Refugees continue to leave Syria.
The United States congress writes bills to deny food stamps and slash unemployment.
Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminists send death threats and out transgender women at their places of employment.
GamerGaters dox women who speak out agains the harassment and sexism in the tech industry, driving them from their homes.

I’ve seen many posts lately talking about all of the horrible things human beings do to each other. Many people would like to lay the all blame at religious groups (or religion in general), or governments, or people of color, or white people, or the queers, or the Jews, or any other group of humans.

Thing is, we’re all to blame.

Simple version: human beings are to blame for being horrible to other humans.

This doesn’t mean I don’t think we shouldn’t be learning about privilege, or intersectionality, or listening to the stories of the oppressed. Far from it. Listening to each other, learning each other’s stories, is the only way that we’ll be able to learn that there are humans behind the anger, hate, and rage.

But are we really willing to listen to each other yet?

I think humanity is in it’s bratty teenager, maybe early 20’s, stage. The internet makes it so easy to find the information about all of these things, and to react to it all. We’re all trying to find a platform to be heard, and we all have an opinion about things. Everyone wants to change the world as they see fit and everyone thinks they are right.


Including those who want to harm others. They think they’re right, too.

I can’t deny this. I’ve done enough of my own “Someone’s wrong on the Internets!” over the years.

But, what I wonder is when will we, as human beings, figure out how to take a deep breath and listen before reacting? When will we take that moment to walk away to think about it before coming back and trying to solve the problem?

When will we gain the wisdom to figure out that lashing out does more harm than good?

To be honest, I have no idea when that will be. It seems that for some people, having an “enemy,” a “them,” is much easier than looking at their own prejudices and fears. It’s easier to make ones self comfortable than finding a way to help other people live securely.

It’s hard to look at a list like the one above and think that there’s good in the world, or that humanity will somehow wake up and realize what it’s doing. I want to have faith in humanity. I want to be able to think that we can survive to grow out of this state of flux we’re in.

I have hope, but sometimes even that hope seems far away when you listen to the news.

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