The Heretic Writes: @Pantheacon Edition #pcon #pantheacon

Yes, folks, Pantheacon season is here! That crazy weekend of excessive Pagan/Witchy/Spiritual goodness is upon us once again!

My coven, the Circle of Cerridwen (see our new website at!), is once again hosting a hospitality suite. If you are going to the ‘con, stop by room 966 and say hello! If you are attending the ‘con and would like to do an interview with me, shoot me an email and we can make arrangements. I’ll have my cell phone and iPad on me, so I’ll always have access to my email. You can also stop by the suite!

If you see me in the halls, do feel free to come up and let me know what you think of the podcast, or ask me any questions about it!

Also, I’ll be posting an extra bonus interview for you all this week as part of my series of Pantheacon interviews! Look for additional interviews in the weeks after the ‘con as well!

Now, it’s back to interviews, editing, and packing! Hope to see folks there!

Rev. Gina

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