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TWIH Episode 18: Polytheism and the Meaning of Words with Lon Sarver

This week we talk to Lon Sarver, devotee of Dionysus and polytheist. What is polytheism, and why does it matter? Are we too hung up on the meaning of words like Wiccan, polytheist, duo theist, and others? We discuss the emerging arguments about pagan theology and how it benefits, and doesn’t benefit, the community as a […]

The Heretic Writes: Samhain, Writing, Change, and Some Email

I’ve been thinking about doing written posts to go with This Week In Heresy and The Heretic Speaks for awhile now, and it’s just tonight that I was able to sit down to the computer and actually write. It’ll probably be easier for me to write stuff in the next few weeks since we’ll be […]