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Between the Worlds Advent 2014: Second Sunday: The Beautiful Vision

Between the Worlds Church is doing their “regular” service online this month with a series of essays for Advent, Yule, and Christmas. Second Sunday of Advent: Peace and Prophecy: The Beautiful Vision by Rev. Gina And, in case you missed it: First Sunday of Advent: Hope by Constance McEntee PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE AND VOTE IN EVERY […]

TWIH Episode 9: Asexuality in Paganism and Other Fantastic Things with Sarah Thompson

[embedded content] Sarah Thompson returns in this episode to talk about navigating pagan traditions and an asexual, especially when many traditions follow a fertility cycle based on the sexual union of a God and Goddess. How do we adapt and redact rituals and traditions in order to include those who don’t fit into the narrative? What…