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Thiasos Bakkheios

I’ve started, together with half a dozen friends, a Dionysian devotional group I’m calling Thiasos Bakkheios. It means, roughly, “Folks who come together to perform rituals to Bakkhos.” I am no expert in any form of Greek, so if someone reading this can confirm that I’m using the words correctly, that would be great. Better, […]

Bedtime Prayers

I’ve done a number of things as part of a regular (or, more often, irregular) spiritual practice. One thing the powers keep telling me, though, is not to try to do everything all at once. Start simple, and build on that. This has been especially reinforced by my recent (six months or so) onset of […]

David Bowie is Dead

One more leaves the sunlit lands One more feasts in the hall of the ancestors David Bowie is dead I remember riding the bus with Ziggy I remember dancing with the Diamond Dogs And sometimes, I’m afraid of Americans, too I remember his voice, his song I remember hearing the stories he told And seeing […]

Spirit babies altar at Sun Gallery 10/5-11/7

We were honored again this year to be accepted into the Sun Gallery’s Day of the Dead Exhibition and Celebration in Hayward, California. I walked in to set up our altar to find that I was the first person there! Executive Director/Curator Dorsi Diaz helped me with the placement of it, suggesting an area in […]

How does the garden grow?

 It’s been about 41 days since I planted the Spirit Babies garden. Look how it blooms and grows!  I am particularly excited about how well the cala lilies have come back. The pot had been ‘invaded’ by a mint plant which I repotted and moved out of my cat’s reach. (I caught him on the […]