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The Heretic Writes: Asking and Community

The interesting thing that I keep learning over and over again about being a pastor and a leader is that having faith in one’s community can pay off in unexpected ways. I’ve had a ton of good role models in seminary for this, and it’s amazing to watch people light up and step up when […]

The Heretic Writes: We as Beings

11 dead in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. 2000 killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other African Americans killed by police violence. Two police officers gunned down in NYC. 50 Mosque attacks in France. ISIL hacks websites and promises more killing. Westboro Baptist Church protests the funerals of dead soldiers. […]

The Heretic Writes: Open Letter to the @US_FDA: Gay Blood Ban is Discriminatory and Completely Unnecessary

To the Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and Chief Scientists of the FDA: Before I became a seminary student and full time pastor, I worked in the biotech industry for 13 years. I majored in biochemistry in college, and was in AP science classes in high school. During my career I mainly worked in pharmaceutical companies, both […]

The Heretic Speaks: I imagine a church… (Video)

In this piece was written for a friend’s project, I was asked to complete the sentence: “I imagine a church that…”  Produced and recorded in my home studio in San Jose, CA. Also on my YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/d_GWsBKfqY0 Click here to open a player in a new window. Subscribe via iTunes (iOS) or Stitcher (iOS […]

Prayers for #Ferguson

Between the Worlds Church and I send prayers to the family of Michael Brown and to everyone in Ferguson tonight. We also pray for all of those who are out protesting tonight. May you all stay safe, and may justice be done. Subscribe via iTunes (iOS) or Stitcher (iOS and Android). Like what you hear […]