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30 Days of Social Justice 18: Ableism/Accessibility #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

While there’s a lot I can say about ableism and accessibility in a general context, in this post I want to specifically talk to my fellow pagan clergy. Especially those of you who do public rituals. Yes, doing public rituals is awesome. I totally agree. Spiral dances are pretty cool, and having a friend who […]

30 Days of Social Justice 17: Cultural Appropriation #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Cultural appropriation is a big deal in the pagan community. Or, rather, it should be more of a big deal than it is in the sense that many pagans and New Age practitioners are using practices that they are ignorant of the origins of. This gets pretty complicated especially since there is a strong emotional […]

30 Days of Social Justice 16: Multiplicity/Multi-identity #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Multiplicity: The quality of having multiple, simultaneous social identities; e.g., being male and Buddhist and working class. This definition is from a list of definitions compiled by some folks at Oregon State University and is a great resource to have on hand (and was one of the resources I used to complete the list of […]

30 Days of Social Justice 15: Dominant Culture #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Our culture is the dominant culture. The United States culture is pervasive, touching all countries and cultures that it comes in contact with. The dominant mindset of American culture is that ours is the best way to do things and all other ways are crap. When I see that written out, it becomes such an […]

30 Days of Social Justice 14: Worldview #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

One thing that gets me is just how easy it is, particularly in the US, to dismiss other people’s lived experiences because said experience doesn’t exist in one’s worldview. There are people who believe that the police can’t be as bad as the #blacklivesmatter movement claims because it doesn’t happen in their town. Or women […]

30 Days of Social Justice 13: Tolerance #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Tolerance is a word that gets misused quite a bit in the media these days. It actually gets misconstrued with the definition of “tolerate” which is generally defined as “putting up with things we don’t like.” The actual definition of tolerance is different however: -a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, […]

30 Days of Social Justice 12: Stereotypes #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

You might be getting sick of me using dictionary definitions, but I’m finding them a good jumping off point. So. The definition of stereotype: From Merriam-Webster: to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same From Dictionary.com: (noun) Sociology. a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special […]

30 Days of Social Justice 11: Privilege #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Today, I’m going to do something a little different. There’s a piece by one of my favorite authors, John Scalzi, that I keep trying to remember to have on hand to talk to Straight, Cis-gender, white males specifically, especially when they say “I’m not privileged! My life sucks!” I also think this post is a […]

30 Days of Social Justice 10: Intersectionality #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

So. Intersectionality. Let’s start with a definition, shall we? (And yeah, I know it’s Wikipedia, but the definition from them is sound): Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. On Tumblr yesterday, someone wrote this (the “Intersectionality…it’s a thing..” is my response to the post): […]

30 Days of Social Justice 9: Identity/Labels #30daysofsocialjustice

Unless you are living under a rock these days, identity politics are a major issue. It is complex and nuanced by class, race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, and many other factors. There are a lot of people, mainly white middle class spiritual seekers, who would like to get rid of identity labels all together. The […]