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Being Dismissive of People Who Don’t March (aka More Social Justice-y than You)

There’s a thing in social justice and activist communities that has now become a call-out culture thing that really bothers me. It’s the idea that if you’re not doing “X activist thing” that somehow you are not doing enough, or you don’t care about the subject of said activist thing, or that you are somehow […]

Last Week of Lent: Social Justice Work Comes At A Cost (Paganism, Christianity, and Me)

I want to be able to say something profound here about my working, but I just can’t. At least, not in any way that’ll make sense to people other than myself. Most of what I’ve learned this week is that I shouldn’t read any social media until after I’ve done my morning prayers, had breakfast, […]

30 Days of Social Justice 30: Radical Inclusion #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Radical inclusivity is and must be radical. — Bishop Yvette Flunder As I come to the end of this project, I realize that most of my posts were speaking primarily to the pagan community. Besides the fact that I’m writing a book about radical inclusion geared toward the pagan community, paganism, in the “big umbrella” sense, […]

30 Days of Social Justice 29: Sexual/Affectional Orientation/Asexuality #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

Sexual Orientation is who you prefer to have sex with (if at all). Romantic/Affectional Orientation is who you like to be in intimate relationships with. These are very basic definitions and there are many types of sexual and romantic orientations. I suggest learning about them. (If you’re wondering: pansexual pan-romantic. I’m also polyamorous…well, nominally. Usually […]

30 Days of Social Justice 28: Sexism #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

I think some people think that sexism and misogyny are the same, and there is definitely plenty of overlap. In fact, some would claim that what I talk about in my misogyny post is sexism, but misogyny is the active hatred of women or the feminine. Sexism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination that comes with […]

30 Days of Social Justice 27: Microaggressions/Trigger Warnings #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

There’s been a great deal of flak given to micro-aggressions and trigger warnings lately. Mostly with the idea that it is somehow coddling people and making things too “nicey nice” for people. Most recently there was an article in The Atlantic about it. (The Mary Sue did a great follow up to the Atlantic’s article.) The […]