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TWIH Episode 78: The Magick of Pagan Music with Sharon Knight

After a brief TWIH hiatus, we return with our guest Sharon Knight, a pagan musician who does both solo work and plays as a group with her partner Winter in Pandemonaeon. We talk about the art of performing, the magickal experience of being on stage, the future and past of pagan music, and how music influences […]

TWIH Episode 40: Environmentalism for All of Us with Lupa GreenWolf

Lupa GreenWolf joins us in this episode to discuss alternate ways to be an environmentalist and how every little bit helps. How do we navigate the complexities of environmentalism and activism, particularly if someone is a city-dweller and rents their house or apartment? How do we acknowledge that sometimes people can’t do what other people […]

Adding Chinese Five Elements to Pagan ritual

What are the Five Elements? In Chinese Medicine, the Five elements are as follows: Wood is in the East, Fire is in the South, Metal is in the West, Water is in the North and Earth is at center. There is also more information associated with each element (see chart: five element associations. When you talk about the Wood…