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TWIH’s Summer Schedule

Hey TWIH fans, My apologies for the crazy summer schedule and erratic episodes. Between my own schedule and my wife’s, getting the episodes out on time has been a challenge. There are still a few things that I’ll be doing this summer that may interfere with TWIH’s schedule, so unfortunately there may be non-episode weeks. […]

Woot! #scotus

  While we still have a long way to go in other areas of queer rights, I’m going to celebrate this victory today! Woot! PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE AND VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION YOU ARE ABLE TO! THIS COUNTRY NEEDS YOUR VOTE! Click here to learn how to register to vote.

TWIH Episode 41: Emerging into Self with Diana Morningstar #transvisibility

This episode, we welcome Diana Morningstar, who tells us about her coming out and transition as a transgender woman. She also talks about her life in the pagan and queer communities, pre- and post-transition. Diana gives an honest look at herself, her certainties and doubts about transitioning, and her gravitation towards Goddess culture and the issues […]