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Discernment 2016

On 14 June 2016, I sent an email to one of my ministry mentors about still needing discernment regarding my call to ministry:

It’s odd the way I learn things about myself through pop culture.

In a recently reran episode of Law and Order: SVU, there was a Catholic priest who was a witness. When Stabler asked why he became a priest, the answer was, “To serve God and his church.”

That’s what I want to do: serve GOD (however I might define that word) and GOD’s church (humanity). The big question is do I pursue ordination with the PCA )Progressive Christian Alliance) as part of this.

There are practical reasons to get ordained Christian. With that certification, I can hold the title of Reverend and that could make pulpit supply possible. And as a Christian minister, I would (in theory) be able to reach a larger group of people. But at the same time, humanism has a certain appeal, too.

I’m still trying to determine if I still want you to start my ordination process with the PCA on the solstice. At this point, I’m not sure.

My mentor pointed out that as I am ordained a priest of Open Source Alexandrian Wicca, I can already take the title of Reverend. Additionally, my mentor sent me some questions in reply:

  1. Are you actually Christopagan, “just” pagan, multi-faith with something else, or “just” Christian?
  2. If you do feel you still actually are Christopagan, is Jesus calling you to be a priest for Him (aka have you asked Him yourself, or do you need to have one of us horse (chanel) Him so you can ask)?
  3. And if He is calling you to be a priest for Him, do you feel that that calling requires some sort of official human recognition?
  4. Are there any other trads, denominations, or groups that are poking you in the spirituals that maybe you should go and explore before you decide on ordination in the PCA?
  5. What type of ministry are you being really called to, and do you really need anything other than your CoC ordination for it?

So, my plan is to answer the above questions on this blog. And to preserve the Q&A format, I’ll “ask” them from my mundane Tumblr account, 2ndhalfoflife.