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TWIH Episode 47: Magick, Art, and Tangents with Billy Brujo

In this meandering and irreverent episode, we talk to YouTube personality and magician Billy Brujo. We talk about many things including the nature of magick, why he started “The Black Magick Cooking Show,” why art is an important way to tell us about ourselves, and why we shouldn’t take ourselves quite so seriously. Also, Batman. […]

TWIH Episode 19: What is Heathenry? with Ember Cooke

In this episode, Ember Cooke describes what Heathenry is and talks about the different types of Heathen paths. Who are the Heathen (also known collectively as Norse) Gods? What do Heathens do? What does race have to do with Heathen practice, and why is that all people know of the Heathen traditions? Ember Cooke has…