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TWIH Episode 68: The Unnamed Path, Gender Identity, and Body Image with David Shorey and Chase Powers #pantheacon

In this episode we talk to David Shorey and Chase Powers, both members of the Unnamed Path, a magickal tradition for Men Who Love Men. What is the Unnamed Path? Why is single gendered space important to some people? Why do people get stuck on the gender binary, and why do people get bent out […]

TWIH Episode 65: Being Intentionally Inclusive with Shauna Aura Knight #pantheacon

Shauna Aura Knight joins us in this episode to talk about ritual practices that can make our public rituals more inclusive. What do we mean by inclusivity? How do we make the welcome clear so that others know that they are welcome into the ritual? Why are people so averse to using more inclusive language […]

Theology, the Ekklesía Antínoou, and PSVL

At least two of my mentors have indicated they aren’t surprised that the deeper I get into my seminary studies the more I find myself identifying as an adversarial theologian. And with this semester in particular, the readings for my preaching and theology classes have me turning more and more to the theology and pantheon […]