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TWIH Episode 77: The Politics of the Body with Irene McCalphin

Irene McCalphin joins us this week to talk about the intersections of fat liberation and marginalization. Why is it important to have representation in spiritual imagery, both in regards to race and body size? Why is the language of our rituals important? How can we move through learning about these issues of marginalization and come […]

Reminder: 1st Friday Clergy Chat and Fat Activism Conference

Hey Friends, 1st Friday Clergy Chat is on tonight (regardless of root canal)! Come join me between 8 and 10 PM Pacific Time on Skype. My username is “worthyadvisor” and the instructions for joining are here. Also, next weekend, October 9-10, is the Fat Activism Conference where I’m moderating (well, we’ve already recorded it) a […]

TWIH Episode 21: Invisible Disabilities with Dany Atkins

In this week’s episode we talk with Dany Atkins about invisible disabilities and how they can be dismissed, not only in society in general, but in the Pagan community in general. People can get annoyed when confronted with their lack of thought about how to accommodate people who have disabilities. How can clergy be more…