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30 Days of Social Justice 2: Diversity #30daysofsocialjustice #amwriting

I’m guessing that when a lot of people hear the word “diversity” these days there’s a lot of eye rolling and shaking of heads. Well, it does for me, anyway, because it’s now a corporate buzzword: “We strive for a diverse employee environment.” (ha!) “We acknowledge the diversity of our clients.” (yeah, right) When a […]

30 Days of Writing about Social Justice. Who’s in? #amwriting #30daysofsocialjustice

Tuesday I’m going to start writing about this little list of social justice topics. I was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion (which I have now fixed to the proper link) and created 30 days (because 30 days have September). True, this isn’t everything and I know there could have been way more topics […]

30 Days of Social Justice Writing Prompts #amwriting #30daysofsocialjustice

I’ve been watching folks do the Month of Written Devotion the last couple of months which has been really cool. I thought, earlier today: “Huh…I wonder if there’s something similar for social justice?” My Google-fu and asking on Twitter has failed me, and my wife (not so subtly) suggested that I should do it. So […]

TWIH Episode 39: Hospitality, Gender, and Inclusion with Dee Shull (#pantheacon)

In this episode we’re joined by Dee Shull to talk about the concept of hospitality and the inclusion of gender variant people in rituals. How do we show hospitality to those who are different? What is a responsible way to be inclusive, even if your group doesn’t represent as a diverse group as the members […]