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Two Papers on the Abusive Language of Body Image and the Diet Industry

(Cross posted from my Tumblr) I wrote the following papers for a couple of classes. Trigger warning for: sexual abuse, eating disorders, abusive diet language, and theologies that promote body shame. I offer these as another way to think about how diet industry and how we look at body size policing. I hate to actually […]

Oh my…

I’m preaching at City of Refuge tomorrow. OMG I’m preaching tomorrow! *breathes* If you’d like to hear it, be at 1025 Howard St. in San Francisco tomorrow at 1 pm (although, I’d also recommend coming for the pre-service Intercessory prayer at 12:30). Oh, I’m preaching about seeds. I’ll even have props! OMG! PLEASE REGISTER TO […]

Going to be at #Pantheacon? Come to the Circle of Cerridwen suite!

So, it’s morning, and we have yet to get all the gear together and clothes together, but we’ll be doing that soon. (Most likely after a good breakfast and caffeinated beverages.) If you’re going to be a Pantheacon, give us a shout, or better yet, come up to our suite! (Room 966…the crosstown neighbors of […]