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TWIH Episode 29: The Evolution of Progressive Witchcraft with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

This week I had the privilege to interview Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, who I consider elders of my own witchcraft tradition. In this extended episode we talk about the evolution of witchcraft from its roots with Gerald Gardner to modern times. We also talk about why secrecy isn’t necessarily a good thing, the differences…

TWIH Episode 28: On Being a Priest and a Druid with Rev. Mark Townsend

This week we have Rev. Mark Townsed, author of several books including “Jesus Through Pagan Eyes”. We talk about his journey through both the Church of England and Druidry, and being a multi-faith practitioner.    (Apologies for the Skype noise. Trans-atlantic Skyping has it’s issues!) Mark Townsend is a magician with a difference! He is…

The Heretic Writes: We as Beings

11 dead in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. 2000 killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other African Americans killed by police violence. Two police officers gunned down in NYC. 50 Mosque attacks in France. ISIL hacks websites and promises more killing. Westboro Baptist Church protests the funerals of dead soldiers. […]