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That Question That Everyone Asks Me

The biggest question I get as a pastor and priest, and a multi-faith person, is “How do you reconcile your Christianity with Wicca?” The quick and confusing answer is: I don’t. The more detailed and hopefully less confusing answer is this: When I was in seminary, I came to a point where I realized that […]

Words are Bullets

Every TERF that tells my wife and other transgender women that they aren’t real women or tell transgender men that they are traitors to their gender; Every Christian Fundamentalist that rejoices when LGBTQA people are abused or killed, or any Christian who “loves the sinner, hates the sin;” Every white cisgender man who makes rape […]

TWIH Episode 43: Atheopaganism with Mark Green

This week we talk to Mark Green, an Atheopagan (or Atheist Pagan). Do you need to believe in deity, spirits, or God in order to have a fulfilling spiritual practice? What is the difference between dogma, belief, and practice (or craft)? And sure, we throw in a little politics in for good measure.    Mark […]