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A Prayer to Antinoüs for the Victims of Pulse in Orlando, FL

your majesty, what happened? Why don’t they leave us alone? Why is
that when we express our loves in the same ways they do, they react
with revulsion and contempt? Why do they say we should be executed.
Why do some actually carry out these acts?

I know, Antinoüs
the Liberator, there are not any acceptable answers to my questions.
That this should happen during Pride month, reinforces the need for
our Pride events even as those events show to our would-be destroyers
where we can be found.

the Healer, you and I both know that not all wounds heal. Grief can
be one such type of wound. And, I don’t want to heal. Not from
this, and not from the yearly repeating griefs of the Transgender Day
of Remembrance. If I heal from them, scar tissue will form over these
hurts and I could become desensitized to these horrors. Do lot let my
heart be hardened. Instead, let it soften. Let it be permeable to
these horrors. Give me the strength to absorb these acts of naked
terror so that I may be an agent of change and hope for those under
the Rainbow.

Ave, Antinoüs,
sovereign of the Beloved Dead!

Purple Mountain Majesties

“How long ago was it that you said, ‘Life is
just a party and parties weren’t meant to last’?” The man who
spoke was of deific, youthful beauty.

“Thirty-four years,” the Purple One answered. He
seemed fascinated by the place he was in. Was it a palace? A theater?
Both? “Where am I?”

“That’s an interesting question,” the youth
replied, smiling. “In another song, you spoke of the ‘afterworld’.”

“Yeah, but I
wasn’t expecting to get there so soon.”

smiled again. “Few of us ever do. Forgive me, I’ve been a poor
host. I am Antinoüs,
and I welcome you.”

the Purple One echoed.

“We’ve been
waiting for you.”

Revelers began
to mill about the edges of the space, wallflowers waiting for the
proper moment.

called. “Bring me that lyre.” The ancient blind prophet brought
the instrument to the youthful god and his guest.

Prince,” the old androgyne said. “Welcome to our mountaintop
hall. Can you play the lyre?”

“Man, if it
makes music I can play it!” the Purple One declared.

“Then play for
us, friend!” Antinoüs
enthused. “Lead us in a party of apocalyptic proportions!”

taking the lyre from Tiresias, the Purple One struck a chord. The
music that issued forth was unlike any that had been previously known
in the Afterworld. The wallflowers surged toward the center of the
hall, now a dance floor.

The Purple One
smiled. “Let’s get this party started!”

Prince, Lord of the Dance!

Tiresias, Sovereign of the Gender Benders!

lord of the Queer Beloved Dead!