St. Patrick and Pop Culture Spirituality

Not long ago, I was looking up what Patrick was the patron saint of in addition to being the patron saint of Ireland. One of his other patronages is “folk piety.”

But, what is folk piety? As near as I can tell, it would be the piety of the common people, sometimes called Popular Piety. According to Wikipedia (link opens in a new browser tab), this form of religious observance is in addition to what is proscribed or taught by church leadership. It seems to me, this could be whatever the laity might use to help them experience religion.

While folk piety might not precisely equate to pop culture spirituality, it seems the two could be very similar. So if common, seemingly mundane things help you have a sense of awe and appreciation for the world around you, that would be holy according to this heretic’s understanding of Saint Patrick.

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