Site Launch and @Pantheacon Schedule #pcon #pantheacon

Hi all!

Welcome to the official launch of the new virtual home of the Circle of Cerridwen, the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn, and our wider spiritual community! We welcome you to explore our site and interact us. We’ll have feeds from some of our other projects, and writings from our members about a variety of topics.

We are launching this site during the Pantheacon season, and the Circle of Cerridwen again has a suite in Room 966! We are intentionally radically inclusive and welcome all persons of any race, color, age, ancestry, sexual or relationship orientation, body size, gender, religion, or any other difference. In respect to those in recovery, our suite, as always, is drug and alcohol free.

Here is our suite schedule:


  • Suite opens at 4 PM
  • Enochian Chess Congress — all evening unless ritual in progress
  • Patheos Authors Meet and Greet – 7 PM
  • Suite closes around 1 AM -ish


  • Suite opens at 4pm
  • Enochian Chess Congress
  • Adding the Chinese 5 Elements to Ritual – 7 PM
  • Suite closes at midnight for a special ritual.


  • Suite opens at 4 PM
  • Enochian Chess Congress
  • Spirit Babies Ritual (See – 7 PM
  • Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn 3=8 Ritual – 9 PM
  • Suite closes around 1 AM-ish.

If the door is closed after 4 PM, that means there’s a ritual in progress. If anyone needs a place to continue discussions, or to have a calm space, or anything like that, let us know.

Hope to see you there!

Circle of Cerridwen