Self-care and activism


It may not solve everything but right now, but this meditation I learned from my yoga teacher helps me. I have been unable to go to the vigils for the hate crime that happened in Orlando at Pulse club. I can’t look at photos of the Stanford rapist anymore because they trigger me. 

Remember to take time out for yourself everyday. Remember the oxygen mask rule. Refill your own cup so you can help others. Take breaks from social media if it gets to you. Look at photos of cute animals often.

When you’re ready, and then only if you can: sign petitions, write blog posts, volunteer your time, light candles, donate money, donate blood, go to vigils, fight for gun control, speak up about sexual assault and homophobia, be seen and heard at your local LGBTQIA+ Pride celebrations, or choose your own way to help.

And remember – every form of activism counts, no matter how you do it.