Seeking Prompts for My Lady

I still owe my Lady Clare 9 entries for the Month of Written Devotion I had to pause in the flurry around Many Gods West. But the reason I haven’t returned to it already is that those prompts were just not working for me. Too repetitive, perhaps, or just the wrong angle for this relationship, I don’t know. Maybe I work better with some other kind of prompt, or clear questions, or pictures, or songs or…?

I’m going to be doing a ritual offering for Her on Samhain, so it seems suitable to give Her 9 posts between now and then (no, this one isn’t counting).

So I’ll ask you folks for prompts. They can be anything suitable for a prompt or for divination: a  word, a picture, a concept, a song, a poem, a general sort of question you might ask about someone’s spiritual path or relationship, or a specific question for me about my relationship with the Land I call my Lady.