See you at Pantheacon!

There’s 3 more days until Pantheacon!

I think it should be a rather interesting Pcon for me and the Circle of Cerridwen this year. Not only do we have our Gender and Transgender Open Discussion on Sunday, but we will also have paper copies of the book available at the discussion.

Don’t forget that the anthology, Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism is available in a paper and PDF version. There’s also an ePub version for those of you who use that format.

The book was very interesting to help put together. We had 19 authors contribute and 5 editors. It took quite a bit of coordinating on my part to make sure we had things where they should be. Granted, it’s not perfect, and we had hoped to have some other voices contribute, but for now, we’re happy with it.

I’m curious to see what happens at the discussion this year, especially given what happened after Pantheacon last year. Personally, I hope we can help people come to a better understanding of gender, and especially transgender, issues in our community. The discussion on this really needs to continue if pagan religions are going to grow. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight.

So, we’ll see you at Pantheacon! You’ll probably see me with my books over the weekend, since I have papers due next week, but come over and say hello anyway!

Besides, you can’t miss me with my bright orange hair!