Saint Patrick’$ Day

It’s the Idiot Before G0D with another rant about the monetization of holy days!

The 17th of March is the feast day of Saint Patrick (link opens in a new tab). Legend is that he used the three-leaf shamrock to describe how the Holy Trinity can be three persons in one, and that is allegedly how the shamrock became associated with him and his feast day which is a public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland. And, for whatever reason, it’s been monetized into a drinking orgy here in the United State$.

The 17th of March is when many people will dress in green to either celebrate their Irish heritage or for solidarity with Irish persons or, in the case of school children, to avoid being hazed for not wearing green. But also here in the US, Saint Patrick’$ Day has been monetized and turned into a festival of Irish stereotypes, most notably the consuming of a LOT of alcohol.

According to the Wikipedia page Alcoholism in Ireland (link opens in a new tab), “1.35 million Irish people between the ages of 18 and 75 are considered to be harmful drinkers.” That’s approximately 20% of Ireland’s population (according to Wikipedia (link opens in a new tab)). The Alcoholism in Ireland page also states, “Binge drinking is considered the norm in Ireland, with over 58% of men partaking in the activity, and over a third of the women.” For some rea$on, binge drinking is con$idered something to be celebrated in the U$A on Saint Patrick’$ Day.

While Saint Patrick’s Day in the U$A (link opens in a new tab) has its roots in Irish immigrants celebrating the culture of their homeland, alcohol is big business in the U$A. Therefore, exploiting the stereotype that the Irish are a culture of drunkards means sales and profits.

Fine. I’m one amateur priest striving against capitalism. I have no way of stopping this crap. Have your ill-gotten financial harve$t by making light of a very real public health problem in another country. But, take the word “Saint” out of it. There is nothing saintly or otherwise holy in turning a profit by the suffering of others. How do I know this?

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10