Reblog: Remember Upon Whose Bones Your House is Built


Evil ancestors are still ancestors. Forgetting history just dooms us to repeat it. Part of honoring history and the ancestors is remembering all too well the ancestors we’d rather not see again. -E-

Originally posted on Drinking From the Cup of Life:

I am mildly torn on the subject of Columbus Day. On the one hand, Columbus was an evil bastard who deserves to be burned in effigy every year, preferably as part of a charity drive collecting donations for Native American causes.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be here if he’d never done his entirely objectionable thing and kicked off the rush to colonize the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries. Oh, Europeans would have gotten around to it eventually, but the historical context would have been different and therefore the social and historical conditions that made my life what it has been would have also been different, and I would not be here.

Perhaps the one who would have been, would have been a better human being than I. I don’t know, and my depression and anxiety like that thought way too much to pursue it further. But…

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